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  • Jlock Jlock Feb 28, 2013 13:54 Flag

    Adebayor's commitment

    I'll give you that he appears to have a track record of it, but I like his 'style' when playing well. He holds the ball up well (he didn't against WH admittedly), brings others into play and scores.
    I prefer that style to the out and out striker like Daffy personally.

    So I suppose I'm hoping that his track record isn't how he'll be with us and that this lean spell is just that, a spell.

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    • Well I hope it is a "spell", but if he can't get excited with late winners I don't expect him to battle back to form any time soon. I anticipate he will be moving on at season's end and the question will be "did he leave or was he pushed".

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      • Uo to 4 Re's so this'll be the last word! (This will be like a game - who posts last).

        To be perfectly honest, I don't care about not celebrating or kissing badges or taking your shirt off to show a message saying blah... I'd just like to see a player stay and play well.

        I'm a bit jaded by all the '...it was my childhood club .... It's like a dream come true to play for...' and then buggering off as soon as a better pay packet comes along.

        BAE I like - others don't - but he does ok for me. OK, he may not like football, but he's served us well. If Ade can (or wants to) turn this spell around, then I'll be happy - even if he never celebrates a goal again.

        Sunday eh though? If Daffy's fit, who would you then play? I think I would give Ade the first 45-60 and then switch if it didn't work.