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  • John, it sounds a bit of a contradiction saying Walcott in the middle to use his pace and then putting Gallas in our back four. Not exactly the quickest but then nor are Vert or Dawson so I wish Kaboul was back. However I think maybe you're correct but we will miss either Vert's ball carrying ability or Daws passion. As long as we win, COYS COAVB.

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    • Your right LTS, It is a bit of a contradiction, but I think Gallas is a little sharper than Daws. It seems AVB picks the defence to suit the opponents rather than pick the best for every game as seen against WH when he put Vert at LB knowing his height would be useful at corners and set pieces against the likes of carroll along side Daws and Caulker.

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      • I think you're right that pace is going to be important, but I think that's more important over the full pitch and for the FBs - BAE & Walker are a given for me, but I think that Caulker's not quite ready for a NLD, especially given the added importance on this one (but then don't they all have added importance?!).

        I think I'd go for Daws & Gallas - I'm about 60/40 Gallas over Vert, which surprises me (I thought it'd be the other way round), but I do think Gallas has the PL derby experience and the added bite of it being his ex-club so he's got something to prove, esp as he's not started that much for us.

        I know this is thread back 4 specific, but what are your thoughts for the rest of the team? I reckon


        Although my gut feeling's suggesting Livermore over Parker, and I've definitely missed someone important, but I can't think who... I want Adebayor to make up for the reverse, and he does have a knack of scoring against his old clubs.