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  • longtimespur longtimespur Mar 3, 2013 19:14 Flag

    Oh dear I'm worried, congratulations on new awards for THFC.

    Thankful for that!!! 2-1 great result, 3 more points, although others will point out how badly we played.

    • LTS,
      You're right - at least with me.
      I wouldn't say 'badly', but I wouldn't say 'well' either. Personally, I thought the Woolwich bunch deserved something from the game, although overall both sides were pretty poor at creating chances. Did I see Daffy set up one though (again)?
      BUT the result was great, and the position that we're in looks really positive. Another win (mid-week as well followed by) - 3 points against Pool - and that would leave the Woolwich bunch looking to catch up a point a game until the end of the season.

    • A great result which puts you guys in a strong slot for Europe---keep the good work up.
      H---north eastern France.