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  • JEFFALL JEFFALL Mar 6, 2013 19:45 Flag

    Looking good.....

    Evening fellow yids.
    As you say john,LOOKING GOOD.
    With reference to AVB, I thought that if he was good enough for Chelsea, he can't be that bad,after all they must have done thier homework on him and he felt that it would be a change to have a young Manager with fresh ideas.
    So far so good and providing he takes so notice of the LOYAL FANS then i'm sure he can keep taking us in the right direction.
    Still enjoying the win over the POPGUNS and hope that with some small changes here that we can overcome INTER and the POOL.
    Think we're definately more flowing without Dempsey and should continue with the 5 in the middle.
    ADE definately needs a goal ASAP or i can see him becoming a long term bench warmer behind Daffy who looked very sharp against woolwhich when he came on.
    Nice to see GYLFIE get a start and would like to see him find the back of the net to boost his confidence as i'm sure we haven't seen the best of him and feel he deserves a run of games ahead of the newly arrived HOLTBY.
    Anyway enough of me and here's looking to more good things to come.

    ATB ...............JEFFALL..............SPURS... FOREVER

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    • More of the same from me I'm afraid,

      I was far from pleased by his appointment and was half expecting a mid table finish this season, after all we have seen huge upheavel in the last 12 months.

      I have to take my hat off to the guy, after losing the likes of Luka, VDV and King as well as some good quality squad players in the likes of Pienaar, Niko, Corluka and coping without Kaboul (IMO our best CB last season, BAE and Ade for the majority of the season thus far, he's done incredibly well. Then account for the fact we couldn't/didn't sign 'his' player Moutinho and there were large sections of our fickle 'fan' base who chose to boo, him and our very fresh side, the man has done superbly well.

      This is all whilst our closet rivals have spent more in the off season than in many years past, how much did the chavs spend? Liverpoo?, The goons?

      I still find his long winded interviews mildly irritating, but that is my problem!

      He full deserved his MOTM award and if we beat Inter and Liverpoo, I think he will be in for the award again this month!

      Sfer, I don't know if this new format hgas lost you, but you were up until recently one of the most anti-AVB people about, have your views changed, softened at all?

      I heard someone say, we are in a false position and that other clubs faillings have put us where we are! well...... thats just #$%$, the league dosen't lie and despite the performances not being quite as breathtaking as last season, we have had to evolve and adapt.


      AVB's blue and white army!!!

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      • I'll not bother repeating you all, but me too - I think I said on here something about holding on tight & hoping for the best this season, turns out I till am but in a different direction!

        Truth Hurts, don't say it out loud, you'll jinx it! But I'm definitely looking the same way as you - we're nearer 2nd than we are 5th, & pretty soon Citeh'll have nothing left to play for... P.S. Hello! Are you new or with a different name in this format? Or have you been around for a while and I've forgotten?

        Joe, re teams around us spending: I saw this on Twitter (so can't vouch for it's truth): combined cost in transfer fees from the NLD: Tottenham squad = £92m. Arsenal squad = £136m.

        P.S. were you all the same as me on Sunday & too exhausted by the footy to comment?! It was an intense match, that's for sure! My main points were Daws & Vert were Bale got a lot of grief from the people I was with for choosing to celebrate with the camera instead of his team mates or the crowds