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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Mar 6, 2013 22:04 Flag

    Looking good.....

    I'll not bother repeating you all, but me too - I think I said on here something about holding on tight & hoping for the best this season, turns out I till am but in a different direction!

    Truth Hurts, don't say it out loud, you'll jinx it! But I'm definitely looking the same way as you - we're nearer 2nd than we are 5th, & pretty soon Citeh'll have nothing left to play for... P.S. Hello! Are you new or with a different name in this format? Or have you been around for a while and I've forgotten?

    Joe, re teams around us spending: I saw this on Twitter (so can't vouch for it's truth): combined cost in transfer fees from the NLD: Tottenham squad = £92m. Arsenal squad = £136m.

    P.S. were you all the same as me on Sunday & too exhausted by the footy to comment?! It was an intense match, that's for sure! My main points were Daws & Vert were Bale got a lot of grief from the people I was with for choosing to celebrate with the camera instead of his team mates or the crowds

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