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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Mar 7, 2013 22:50 Flag


    Thanks Mr H, I'd say the same. I really felt like we had the performance we've been lacking for a while (what do you reckon JL?) and it was a real team match. That won't stop Bale getting the headlines mind, but if it keeps bringing the performances and results I'm ok with that - based on the first half I might go with "InvisBale", they didn't mark him at all!

    On The Man Who Steals The Headlines, David Pleat says:

    "If you're a Tottenham supporter you want to be a bit disbelieving of Gareth Bale. I go to the Tottenham training ground a lot and he is very humble. He is not ready to move abroad but I don't think he will worry about the publicity his efforts are creating. I don't think he will disappear for the mega bucks."

    Not sure I believe the 'Humble' bit, but I'll go with it.

    • That was far better eh? Some of the movement and passing was top class. What was up with Parker as well - surging runs? Good grief.

      I really think Lemmon is getting there as well. He seems vastly more confident and more consistent. He works, makes runs and is getting the final ball right.

      I don't want to be negative but I think Inter were pretty poor though - I couldn't believe that an Italian team defended so badly. They all just seemed to sit there and watch us play throughout the game. But irrespective, they still had to be beaten, and we did that with a bit of style last night. They did get two or three chances, but I can only think that was because we became a bit complacent with it being so easy. It would have been an injustice had they scored, but I don't think we can bas as 'lax' against Pool, no matter how the game is going.

      What I like at the moment is that the wins, no matter how we get them, breed confidence. We're now going into the Pool game high on the back of another win - and it will be Pool who will be worried.

    • without a doubt the best performance of the season if we played like that every game we would be out of sight at the top of the table.
      First time in a long time I have seen the whole team perform like that.