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  • Joe Joe Mar 6, 2013 21:28 Flag

    Thank You from a Lil' Yid

    You fine group of Lily Whites and Fab and H,

    Yahoo seem to be intent on destorying this board, so I have had to reply in this way.

    The first 10 days have been a real experience, amazing but more exhausting than living in a perpetual derby match.

    SB, thanks for the links, I have a baby grow on its way and some rather fetching branded baby shoes!

    Fab, I will be here to ensure my dear little boy is not subjected or tempted by the likes of you or his mischevious Unkles, who have already bought his a gooner baby bottle, which has found its way intot he neighbours rabbit hutch as a water dispenser.

    Thank You, all of you.

    I am genuinely touched by your comments!

    Lets hope Dexter continues to bring us good luck and we breeze past Inter and the Pool, not going to be easy games, but I am ever optomistic about our chnaces! Lets hope Ade puts in a performance akin to the one we witnessed at Newcastle last season! I recorded the NLD, so in years to come I can show him the first game we ever watched together went the right way, the lily white way!

    Huge Love x x x


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    • I'll have everlasting memories of cuddling up with our really young kids - with them 'scrunched' up on my chest listening to the heart beat.

      Keep the memories Joe, so they quickly grow up bringing smiles to your face in so many different ways

      I think Dexter is a lucky charm after last night.....

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      • Maybe that should have read "They grow up so quickly" JL goes time sure flies by as they grow. Every one who has children will remember how fast they grow up, doesn't seem that long ago my daughter was born yet she'll be 31 next Saturday. Get's married in October!!!
        The older you get, the quicker time flies by, make the most of what you have while you have it.

        Anyway after that nostalgia back to more with last nights great game. Just one more memory of Great Spurs nights in European football.

    • Glad to hear everything is going well with regards to Dexter and yourself Joe. I think Arsenal even felt obliged to let Spurs win for once in their sorry existance. Be sure that Dexter pays paryicular notice to the first half hour or so of the game when he watches, you know, the bit when Arsenal were running rings around Spurs on their own ground (again!), growing ever confident, just before Spurs surprised even themselves, and got lucky.



      PS. Get him an Arsenal shirt Joe and free him from the misery you suffer, you know it makes sense.

    • Splendid comments fro a very proud dad, Joe, and rightly so. Now look, tell young Dexter to keep his nose clean and get him out in the garden with a football soon as he's upright. Tell him about your influential mate up north here, H, and we'll have on the St James turf soon as possible.