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  • Layla Layla Mar 7, 2013 12:21 Flag

    Arsenal match retrospective

    also wanted to say how good was modric when he came on against utd!
    I still am a huge fan of his.
    he was also superb against barca on Saturday. he ran the show.
    great goal against utd too. he doesn't score many but when he does they are usually screamers!
    I still think Madrid haven't used him right yet.

    when bale does go, I hope its abroad as we need more british players to go abroad to improve our national teams. & ideally id like him to get in a swap for modric & some £££!
    id welcome him back. 1 of the best playmakers in the world.
    obviously id rather keep bale but he will want to be challenging for CL & titles & be on 200k+ a wk.
    but lets just enjoy every moment we have bale at the lane!

    • im glad daffy is back Adebayor looks like he is back to his bad old ways.
      I hope we go get a another striker in the summer and sell adebayor on.
      Also is it me or does Walker seem to have dropped off in his performance and pace from last season I just think he has been nowhere near as good as he was last season.