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  • Cockney Conman Cockney Conman Mar 7, 2013 13:10 Flag

    Arsenal match retrospective

    im glad daffy is back Adebayor looks like he is back to his bad old ways.
    I hope we go get a another striker in the summer and sell adebayor on.
    Also is it me or does Walker seem to have dropped off in his performance and pace from last season I just think he has been nowhere near as good as he was last season.

    • CC, do you get the newsletter? Walker's featured in that, he talks about this season compared to last & getting support from Lennon & Bale. It's funny to see even he tells Lennon to shot more - I noticed once on Thurs Lennon went for goal when he could have passed, that's a big deal for him.

      Let me know if you're interested & I'll copy & paste it here.

    • Depends how you mean; I think he's better defensively this season, last year was a huge learning curve for him in that respect, but as a result he's not getting forward as much. But he's a defender first and foremost, so I'd rather it this way round.

      I guess his pace has dropped off a bit (I'd not realised before you mentioned it!), but then last season was his first as a first-teamer and he's played in virtually all our cup & league matches this year, as well as a bit of international time, he's probably starting to get tired.

    • I still think your lot were damn lucky to have been playing the Arsenal lads when they are so clearly lacking in confidence. Any other day and we'd have blasted five against you.