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  • Layla Layla Mar 9, 2013 13:11 Flag

    Spurs V The Pool

    SB=33- 1-3 suarez
    Remmah=31- 2-2 Defoe
    joe=31-2-1 Bale

    I think it would be a 50/50 call but because of our inter game just 2days earlier, we will be too tired & lack that energy and spark. I think our Europa match will be the difference in the end.
    Liverpool are bang in form. I cant remember when we last won there?!

    yes its very close between us 3. I was miles ahead early on. then joe was miles behind us & remmah. it will be a injustice if I don't finish 1st, because iv been top for probably 99% of the season!

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    • Hang on, where's my deep insightful(!) reply to this gone?! I posted about the record at Anfield (last 2 games draws, once before that we won, one before that's the last time Liverpool have beaten us I think in all competitions), the team match ups, the ref, and even got distracted by the Everton-Wigan match and commented on that! I feel cheated.

      Anyway, I reckon it'll be fairly high scoring (3-5 goals), we should edge it, and there'll be at least 1 controversial moment which the ref may or may not deal with well. I think Skrtel could get sent off, it'll be high tempo, and generally a good game.

    • Doom and gloom ey SB?! wow!

      We have had a good record at Anfield for at least the last 3 seasons and speak to any Liverpool fan, we have become something of a bogey team for the pool.

      The european game could go against us, but for players like Bale the more games the better, in this type of form, he'll want to play every day. Bale and Suarez are both of exceptional quality, after those two, we have better players more likely to producing something special or am I just biased? H and Fab (as nuterals) you may be able to answer that better.

      An injustice? ha ha ha, you are quiet hilarious SB, this is supposed to be fun....a laugh! Rem and I have even missed the odd week, maintained a more positive (unrealistic IYO), jovial approach to this yet, we are separated by 2 points! Chill SB, its not like we've put anything on it! Just enjoy it for what it is......a bit of fun.


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      • hate to say i told u so joe. we looked tired physically &mentally towards the end & let in 2 late goals. so i think i was right about the inter game being the difference. 2days rest is nothing. also the inter game cost us lennon too. so we had to play jake who was poor. both walker & defoes pass bks were bad. & ekotto didnt need to bundle over suarez. defoe & walker wil be hurting but ekotto dont care at all. squads lookin weak with livermore having to start & carroll having to come on. sort of game we could have done with sandro instead of jake. not too dissapointed cause i thought inter on thursday would mean we end up losing to pool. at least maybe people wil realise we need to focus on 4th & stop saying we can get 2nd. thats when u slip up & forget 4th isnt certain yet,let alone 2nd! id take 4th now

    • erm John.

      Spurs won there 2-0 in 2011.
      Liverpool's last 3 league games. A win against the Swansea reserves, beat Wigan and lost to WBA.

      Your not a very good fan are you.