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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Mar 9, 2013 14:27 Flag

    Spurs V The Pool

    Hang on, where's my deep insightful(!) reply to this gone?! I posted about the record at Anfield (last 2 games draws, once before that we won, one before that's the last time Liverpool have beaten us I think in all competitions), the team match ups, the ref, and even got distracted by the Everton-Wigan match and commented on that! I feel cheated.

    Anyway, I reckon it'll be fairly high scoring (3-5 goals), we should edge it, and there'll be at least 1 controversial moment which the ref may or may not deal with well. I think Skrtel could get sent off, it'll be high tempo, and generally a good game.

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