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  • Jlock Jlock Mar 11, 2013 07:17 Flag

    How on earth did we lose that?....

    We were walking it and then three stupid mistakes and we turn a win into a loss.

    Dembele covered the park. Daws and Vertigo looked pretty solid and Walker, looked ok until he made the rick.

    Oh well...end of the run. Shame there's not enough games left to create a new record...

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    • Evening fellow Yids.
      Wouidn't exactly say we were walking it John and it was allways going to be a tough one at anfield.
      Thought we done well to get back in it after going 1-0 down althoughit was agaist the run of play.
      However at 2-1 i thought we looked better than expected and could actually see us getting a third and putting the game to bed.
      Midway through the second half,i thought that some looked alittle bit leggy and this for me hilighted the fact that our bench looked a tad weak.
      Holtby for Gylfie was fine and although Livermore wasn't having a great game,i felt that Carroll seemed a little frail on the physical side in the middle
      Not that you need brute strength in that possition as players like Modric etc have proved,but sadly Carroll is not in his class and this is where it is nice to have a slighly better indepeth squad,which i'm sure we will be able to put together if we get CL next season.
      As you said though John 3 mistakes was our undoing and pobably the POOL couldn't believe thier luck and would of been more than happy with a point at 2-1 down.
      Still,we must pick ourselves up and concentrate on our game with Inter,as without Bale and Lennon(who we definately missed yesterday)things will be a lot tougher and the midfield will have a tough battle on thier hands.
      This is when we need to dig deep and keep the faith for that 3/4th spot.

      ATB ..............JEFFALL...........SPURS..FOREVER

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      • I didn't think we did too bad at all. We were at Anfield and up against Suarez - and I know this is going to sound stupid - but what did Pool do apart from score 3 goals?
        I thought we handled Suarez well (apart from the 1st) - we had more possession (up against Gerrard in midfield), more shots, more corners.
        In the player ratings, the Pool squad seemed to score higher than ours, but that I think is only the effect of them winning. Had they lost, and still played the same, they would have been slammed. But they only won because we gave them two goals.
        I didn't see tiredness - or should I say I hope I didn't - as if we're serious about 4th again, there's lots of games to go and given our exits from the Cups, we haven't been overly stretched with games.
        I think that's the first time this season that, to me, the result was the wrong way round. Before, on multiple occasions, I thought we hadn't played so well, but got the result. On Sunday, I thought we honestly deserved the win.

    • why do you even have to ask the question jlock we are doing what we always do and are now going to throw all our hard away at the end of the season.