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  • Joe Joe Mar 12, 2013 20:44 Flag

    Spurs V Inter 2nd Leg

    Well done SB, sadly you were much closer than the rest of us with you last prediction.

    I suspect this second leg will be a much tougher challenge for us, not least because Bale and Lennon are both out. Is Ade currently injured? I think he had a knee injury. I believe Dempsey is also unfit for this game, leaving our midfield/attacking options limited at best.

    I'd go with:


    Walker Caulker Vertonghen Naughton

    Livermore Parker

    Gylfie Dembele Holty


    Gylfie, Dembele and Holtby would be fluid behind Defoe. Although I'm not convinced by Livermore yet, in the first leg they couldn't cope with Dembele or Parker in midfield, so Livermores physicality should/could be useful.

    I suspect AVB will go with Friedel and BAE not Naughton and Lloris

    joe=31- 2-1 Gylfie

    We need to bounce back from the Liverpoo game, the San Siro is not the easiest of places to go and get a result, despite Inter's relatively poor form we will need to be on our game to get a win.


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