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  • Cockney Conman Cockney Conman Mar 17, 2013 16:44 Flag

    Spurs V Fulham

    just had to be Burgertop that gets their goal oh well de-ja-vu of last seasons plummet after a good run

    • Everyone talks about the difference Bale makes, but 3 matches without Lennon (in the main - he had one sub appearance) = 3 disappointing performances. Coincidence?

      I think not, without Lennon we've seriously lacked shape going forward. A pity he'll miss international duty (6 Spurs players called for England snr team!!), but hopefully it'll be the rest he needs to be able to fight for the rest of the season.

      We also seem to have had a defense transformation; the back four were amazing against Arsenal but seem to have lost the tight lines and incisive tackles since then, it's been at best clumsy (Walker in particular - he would have a crazy phase just after I've said how much his defensive play's improved!).

      Some of the team selections seem to have been a bit odd, but what worried me was that against I think Fulham, poss Inter (or both) it looked like we'd run out of ideas going forward; for a couple of games between the "give it to Bale" days and present there was a time of team-wide attacking, but it's been lacking in the last game or two. Holtby's first couple of appearances showed a more gung-ho attitude which I liked, hopefully we'll see that again soon.