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  • looks like we are on a losing run just like last season when we threw away 3rd place

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    • well another awful performance & another poor management decision from avb. 3 defeats on the spin. its not looking good. i think we should really be 5th at best based on performances. they say the table dont lie. so its looking like we will end up at 5th at best.

      away to inter with a 3 goal lead, he plays 4 defenders & 2 fowards. so all in all very attacking.
      home to fulham which we need to win, he plays 5 defenders & 1 foward. & that foward is ade who drops wide & deep to hold up the ball etc. so we have no one up there. the only way we can regularly score with this team & system is basically a bale stunner out of nothing. so all in all very negative.

    • I'm not sure a couple of games makes a run, but even if it extends, then I don't think it was only last season. Haven't we had a similar '2nd half of season' dip in goal scoring over a 'few' seasons?
      We need consistent goals - as has been said by most for a while now. The two main strikers just aren't performing - so the reliance falls too heavily now on Bales shoulders. Luckily last season, we still had VdV, Bale and Ade firing. But we still have nine games and it could be that Daffy or Ade find their shooting boots again and rack up another half dozen goals plus each.

      I would bemoan the number of games we're playing - but that would be a bit of a nonsense as we all want the team to get Europe - which means that we obviously have to play more. The number of games is just a product of our success over the past few seasons - and is something the top clubs have been dealing with season-in, season-out. At least Chelsea will be playing the same number of games in the run in (so far that is). Wenger, from the perspective of the EPL, must be quite happy that they're out of Europe.

    • Lets hope not hey!

      I'm yet to see any of the coverage from todays game. From what I've heard we played well at times, but seemed completely toothless and seemingly relied on an attempted worldie's from Bale!

      Fingers crossed the results start to go our way soon!