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  • JEFFALL JEFFALL Mar 21, 2013 20:43 Flag

    Messages also going missing...?

    John,yahoo is a bit like the thunderbirds quote,"of anything can happen in the next half hour".
    Was trying to reply to your message on the 20.3.2013 about the Spurs v Fulham game.
    Like yourself,i thought we played well against the pool but there was definately something missing agaist fulham.
    I think NBR hit the nail on the head with reference to Lennon being missing and had no attack going down the sides.
    I know Walker has had a couple of bad games this season,but he links up well with Lennon and without them two on the right we look flat.
    Also he played Calker, who IMO lacks confidence which also seems to put Vert off his game a wee bit.This coupled along with not playing BAE seemed a poor choice of team to me and i'm left with the thought that he totally got his tactics wrong, in thinking thi was going to be a comfortable home win?
    Well we all know what happened next and thats our 3rd defeat in a row and away at Swansea next is no easy task.
    The sooner we get back to a full strength side the better,and maybe reverting to our more natural game with Bale and Lennon both starting out wide.
    Well with fingers crossed and everything else lets get back to winning ways a keep a tight grip on that 4th spot.
    ATB...........JEFFALL..........SPURS FOREVER

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    • It's a bit of a mess isn't it. A technology company that has problems with technology doesn't bode well (although I'm not sure still who runs these boards - I get the feeling its Eurosport).

      A good result and more importantly, a good performance against Swansea should put us back on track.
      It's all about contentment now though isn't it? At the start of the season, I would have taken 6th or even below and been quite 'content' - given the changes. Now, after so long in the top 4/3, I'd be loath to drop out of the 4 - I think more than anything it would be frustrating if we did end up with another post Christmas dip.