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  • Jlock Jlock Mar 24, 2013 10:54 Flag

    George Graham - Run In

    I see that George thinks that the Woolwich bunch will get fourth.
    I tend to agree with him to the extent that Woolwich have the 'easier' run in, but I think from looking at the Spurs season so far, we have managed to pull out the results when not playing too well. I think that gives me the hope - as if we do pick up on the performances - as we appeared to against Pool (I'll ignore Fulham as a blip!), then hopefully the results will follow.
    I'm not sure that AVB needs to do much on the motivational front, as most of the squad have had a taste of CL football, and surely that alone is enough to spur them on. I just hope that we don't have too many more injuries/suspensions that forces AVB into his more fanciful line ups.

    AVB looks to have secured his place already. I can't see Levy doing anything drastic on the managerial front now, even if we fail to lift the Europa or get that CL spot. So, I don't see CL as an issue per se with AVB, but I would assume that of lifting the Europa or getting CL, the club have already made it clear as to which is more important. To me, it's a no brainer. CL - not just because of the monetary aspect, but also the fact that it dents the Woolwich bunches record - and will surely put doubts and damage their chances again next season.

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