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  • Layla Layla Mar 30, 2013 12:35 Flag

    Today's game - Swansea

    must win game to stay in control of nicking that 5th spot.
    everton or Liverpool can easily go on a good run & push us in to 6th.
    I reckon it will be another defeat today & 4th on the spin.

    • Nicking 5th??? What a ridiculous comment. Clearly not a Spurs fan. I'm not at all worried about Liverpool, not really worried about Everton. Arsenal look like they will finish strong though. It will be a tough run in but I think Spurs can hang in there for 3rd or 4th.

      Good game today and good performance from Southampton too! I'd love to see Chelsea finish out of the top four again. They were way too lucky to win champion's league last season. They shouldn't have even been there this season.

    • BOOOM! Lennon back, and with him our performance (JL, I know you disagree with me on the Liverpool game, but I thought we played shockingly; funny, as you and I normally see games very similarly). I'll take 2-1 away to Swansea, they're not an easy team to beat, and games between us get bonus points for being easy on the eye ;)

      SB, I try not to point it out, but I have to say it now for my sanity: dropping down the table isn't 'nicking' a spot, it's having our position nicked. As you said the other day, the table doesn't lie and currently we're in 3rd; that's all we're as good or as bad as. But let's not get into the same old debate, I just couldn't bite my tongue when the opportunity to be a pedant was shouting at me!

      Special mention for Southampton, they played terrifically for us today! I've watched Rickie Lambert since they were in L1 (ex-boss was a saint so we used to have loads of banter about Bale and how if RL was a couple of years younger we'd have him too), after being dropped at the beginning of the season I'm really pleased he's doing so well. It's exciting down there at the bottom isn't it, 11th is the lowest spot that you'd think is completely safe from the relegation battle; personally I'd like Villa & Wigan to switch places & then I'm happy with the bottom 3.