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  • Ted Ted Mar 30, 2013 17:53 Flag

    Today's game - Swansea

    Nicking 5th??? What a ridiculous comment. Clearly not a Spurs fan. I'm not at all worried about Liverpool, not really worried about Everton. Arsenal look like they will finish strong though. It will be a tough run in but I think Spurs can hang in there for 3rd or 4th.

    Good game today and good performance from Southampton too! I'd love to see Chelsea finish out of the top four again. They were way too lucky to win champion's league last season. They shouldn't have even been there this season.

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    • huge 3pts. good first 30mins but a poor-average at best last hour.
      we really didn't deserve to win. id say a draw was fair.
      but equally we didn't deserve to lose the pool game. I think a draw was fair for that game too.

      2 great goals from bale & vertonghen. both had very good games. vertonghen is my 2nd fave player behind sandro!

      lennon did make a huge difference. he just gives us that balance & attacking threat on the right.
      not happy with playing ade on his on upfront. just don't see how we can regular score barring the wonder strikes or over relying on late runs from deep.
      parker did a good job & ran his socks off. walker & demebele were solid.
      friedel made a great save from michu. so reliable is the old man!
      naughton was ok.
      dawson was poor in the air against michu. he gave michu for too much space everytime.
      michu beat him a few times in the air & should have really scored at least another header.