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  • Jlock Jlock Apr 6, 2013 15:47 Flag

    Motormouth at it again

    You're right. We've all got our own opinions.
    Rotating the squad - that is an odd one - as I think AVB has used less players (rotating) than 'arry - I'd be interested to see the stats for that. 'arry seemed to me more 'keen' to put out squad players in the cups and even in the Europa (wasn't he criticised for that?).
    As for the contract - I never saw anything that said he was offered a contract. Do you have a source for him refusing the contract? I kept a track of the headlines and there was lots of speculation - but I don't recall one story that stated that he'd refused a contract as a fact.

    Finally, the dip in form does not appear to be anything new - and strangely it seems to be happening again (although it's impossible to judge before the end of the season) with AVB as well.
    Last season, I think we had something like 39 points at Christmas and then got 30 in the second half - the difference being that the first half of the season was close to title winning form - the second half then looks really bad - but what made the difference appear worse (from recollection) was that Woolwich started badly, and then finished strongly - ie they had the opposite season in way of form. That's what made it look so bad.
    It's not an odd phenomena - Utd are known for having better second halves - ditto Everton.

    Why it occurs, who knows.

    • JL, I linked those player stats in one of my last posts - it's on the spurs website, under the first team bit there's a link to 'statistics', which shows you them player by player & you can look through I think the last 5 seasons, maybe more.

      Have you seen the "school of thought" which says we switch form with Wigan when the clocks change?!

      Is the end of season form dip a pattern, or is it just when it's happened it's been noticable? I remember it for sure after winning the Carling Cup (when we'd already qualified for Europe and had no chance of qualifying for CL) and last year (when we had the external factors with 'Arry & with Modric rumours), but e.g. when we got into CL we were toe-to-toe with Man City for the last 10 games to beat them into 5. They're the only 2 seasons I remember us definitely struggling towards the end, do we do it most years?

      Re 'Arry; I liked him, and I wasn't sure I would in advance. I thought he should have had another season (in his 3 full seasons we finished 4,5,4th and had a good CL run), but to be honest I think of him as history now. I wish him well with 'future endeavours' etc etc, but I don't pay any attention to his interviews now, particularly as when he was with us I noticed they got twisted.