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  • Jlock Jlock Apr 7, 2013 09:16 Flag

    Motormouth at it again

    I'll look on the Spurs site - thanks.
    As for better 1st than 2nd or 2nd than 1st halves - it's a difficult thing to judge isn't it? As teams, for various reasons such as injuries, fixture pile ups, player form changes etc aren't that consistent (or at least the non-elite teams aren't - the top teams seem to pull out wins even when they play badly). Is a 9pt difference unusual? Is a 10 goal difference unusual?

    We played pretty well (or at least got results) at the start of last season and got to year end with a fair tally - but was that over performance, luck....etc? Personally I thought we deserved to be where we were at that point. The second half, we get three fewer wins.
    From recollection both in that season and the season before, we scored fewer goals in the second half of the season - I think it was discussed here - as to why...?
    This season seems the same - currently on 31 played/57 pts/ 53 goals, and 20 played /36 pts/36 goals by last year end - so 19 goals and 15 pts or so required by the end of the season over what, 7 games? Looks unlikely at this stage.

    Is it a trend? Are the gaps in goals and points big enough between each half to be any more than what would be expected? I don't know. All I know is what I 'perceive' (and that is that we seem to drop off in points and goals after Chrimbo) and that the 'meeedja' also seem to think we're a soft touch in the second half - and it seems that Woolwich (as they did again yesterday) pull something out of the bag in the second half.