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  • Jlock Jlock Apr 5, 2013 07:44 Flag

    europas ruined our season

    I'm not sure what people expected at the start of the season, but I never thought we'd be where we are. EVEN if we drop a couple of places in the league it will be better than what I had originally hoped for.
    But as yet, we're still 3rd.

    As for the injuries - a bit of a pee off - but again no one 'expects' it to happen. Lennon may have gone off against Everton and Bale could have been injured against Swansea - only a crystal ball could tell. OK - the more games, the higher the odds for picking up an injury but if we're to be a top 4 club, we have to be used to playing more games.

    The game itself was dire. We looked awful at the back and BAE looked pretty poor (and I normally like him). Ade tried but had no service (how many attempts - Naughton's shot was the only recollection of a save that I have) - Lennon didn't get into the game (maybe for obvious reasons).
    Holtby buzzed and had a couple of nice touches - especially the one that managed to deflect Parker's attempt!

    On the positive side, the Everton game will now give at least one player (I read Bale may only be out for 2 games) a chance to step up to the plate.

    • i agree half and half here.......i was dreading the UEFA cup, its for clubs that have nothing else to fight for and for clubs that can boast a large enough squad to rotate and give their fringe players a chance to impress and push for a first team slot...we made our first huge mistake back in january....we never bought a striker..not even an on loan player...... you guys say wheres our belief and hope..well it went in january in my books.... this is starting to become a regular trend for spurs..start well then fall apart after the new year..... i dont blame the players..they've really tried their best and to be in 3/4th position thus far is a great achievement and more than AVB could have asked from his players from the start of the season...they havent let us down...LEVI has, by not strengthening the squad in jan when we could all see there was a great chance in finishing top 4 and at that time we were still in 2 cups...

      i agree with above comment...this season will be a scrap to fifth place not top 4....we've played an extra game remember....which means chel/arsen win their game we drop to forth 1 point infront of arsenal and once they move in front theirs no way we will over take them again....

      my opinion is...this season was a great opportunity but ended in disaster....

    • stephen, that makes no sense. we could end up 6th or 7th. i think 5th a fair target with the fit players left.of course i want us to finish 3rd. but i dont think its a fair target without bale & probably lennon & defoe. i hope your right about bale. i was just going off the opinion rom the opinion of ex players who said he will be out for the season. & bale did look in a lot of pain