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  • juan desilva juan desilva Apr 5, 2013 10:22 Flag

    europas ruined our season

    i agree half and half here.......i was dreading the UEFA cup, its for clubs that have nothing else to fight for and for clubs that can boast a large enough squad to rotate and give their fringe players a chance to impress and push for a first team slot...we made our first huge mistake back in january....we never bought a striker..not even an on loan player...... you guys say wheres our belief and hope..well it went in january in my books.... this is starting to become a regular trend for spurs..start well then fall apart after the new year..... i dont blame the players..they've really tried their best and to be in 3/4th position thus far is a great achievement and more than AVB could have asked from his players from the start of the season...they havent let us down...LEVI has, by not strengthening the squad in jan when we could all see there was a great chance in finishing top 4 and at that time we were still in 2 cups...

    i agree with above comment...this season will be a scrap to fifth place not top 4....we've played an extra game remember....which means chel/arsen win their game we drop to forth 1 point infront of arsenal and once they move in front theirs no way we will over take them again....

    my opinion is...this season was a great opportunity but ended in disaster....

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    • Del-agreed juan. levy has let us down. we badly needed another striker for 2 seasons now. our squad simply isnt good enough to get top 4 & win the europa. so it was 1 or the other. i feel people like avb are naive/arrogant for thinking we could both. as i do for other spurs fans who thought we could do both. the price we pay looks like being no europa cup & no top 4 finish. yes john,bale could have got injured against the swans. in which case it would have been for a good cause. no complaints. but getting injured in europa is a waste. a cup we most likely wouldnt have won anyway. no one said players cant get injured in league games. bit of a pointless point john. also stephen only posts to tell people they arent real fans. he rarely posts about tottenham. shows what he is more interested in.

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      • SB,
        As always you're entitled to your opinion. Obviously AVB puts a high value on the Europa - so it looks like he doesn't agree with you. AVB had no way on knowing that Bale/Lennon would get injured any more than you or me. Injuries are just unfortunate accidents.
        I would hazard a guess that Levy sets the targets and expectations for the season, so I would be surprised if AVB went for the Europa the way he did without some form of backing.

        Whether you (or I - if you look back I posted a while back that I thought the emphasis should be on the league) like it, the Europa was seen as an achievable goal - and still may be.
        3rd is still achievable at this stage.

        If we're to compete with the top 4, we can't go around bleating about playing extras games - as the big clubs have been playing more games in the EPL and Europe - season in and season out - and on top of that have a far better record than us in the Cups as well.