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  • Layla Layla Apr 5, 2013 10:36 Flag

    europas ruined our season

    Del-agreed juan. levy has let us down. we badly needed another striker for 2 seasons now. our squad simply isnt good enough to get top 4 & win the europa. so it was 1 or the other. i feel people like avb are naive/arrogant for thinking we could both. as i do for other spurs fans who thought we could do both. the price we pay looks like being no europa cup & no top 4 finish. yes john,bale could have got injured against the swans. in which case it would have been for a good cause. no complaints. but getting injured in europa is a waste. a cup we most likely wouldnt have won anyway. no one said players cant get injured in league games. bit of a pointless point john. also stephen only posts to tell people they arent real fans. he rarely posts about tottenham. shows what he is more interested in.

    • SB,
      As always you're entitled to your opinion. Obviously AVB puts a high value on the Europa - so it looks like he doesn't agree with you. AVB had no way on knowing that Bale/Lennon would get injured any more than you or me. Injuries are just unfortunate accidents.
      I would hazard a guess that Levy sets the targets and expectations for the season, so I would be surprised if AVB went for the Europa the way he did without some form of backing.

      Whether you (or I - if you look back I posted a while back that I thought the emphasis should be on the league) like it, the Europa was seen as an achievable goal - and still may be.
      3rd is still achievable at this stage.

      If we're to compete with the top 4, we can't go around bleating about playing extras games - as the big clubs have been playing more games in the EPL and Europe - season in and season out - and on top of that have a far better record than us in the Cups as well.