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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Apr 5, 2013 14:05 Flag

    europas ruined our season

    Outrageous JL, I'm hurt you think I'm abusive, I'll let Yahoo know what I think of that...

    I think my point is (although I'm not really sure now), we're NOT the manager, we're fans. We don't have the experience or technical knowledge of the management - when we were shipping last minute goals I thought "that's annoying" not "he wants to be running more intellectually challenging activities at the end of training sessions to encourage players to remain mentally aware until the end of a match".

    For a manager or a shareholder or accountant to say getting to the QF of a big trophy - or any trophy for that matter - while sitting in 3rd position is 'ruining a season' is one thing, as they will have a mathematical value of success. For a fan to say is it - to me - ludicrous; it's supporting with your head, not your heart, and seems to be too influenced by media and their coverage of The Best League In The World and The Only Important Cup Competition. Although I do have some awesome memories of CL games too...

    However, I will concede to FACTUAL things - getting 4th is a better achievement than a cup isn't factual, but the squad clearout putting added pressure on some of the remaining players is. E.g. Lennon's already played 10 more games this season than he did last, whereas Bale's currently on 4 less, and if we don't get to EL SFs we've only got 8 games left, so he'd only have a few games difference.

    If you're really interested, the player stats (games, not minutes played) are here: http://www.tottenhamhotspur.com/spurs/Team/Statistics.page?

    • NBR....At last, a fan talking like a football fan and not like an accountant. I thought all fans got into football for the glory days when your club got to a cup final and you see your captain hold aloft the trophy. We had many a great european night in the previous version of the europa and no-one said it was a micky mouse cup then, even though it was third in line to the european cup and the cup winners cup. Even if we did finish regularly in the top four, I dont think we have owners who would pay top fees and wages for the top players, and would be more content to get by on players just about good enough to get top four . The sooner they make the winners of the domestic cups and the europa cup to join the league champs in the CL the better IMO instead of rewarding the failure of clubs who finish 2nd. 3rd and fourth. Still, I guess its the way of the modern game that some fans are more interested in taking part in a competition that only about eight clubs in europe have any chance of actually winning, and most of them have double or higher our ground capacity as well as rich benifactors who are prepared to spend fortunes. As a fan, give me a cup any day, and if by chance we ever get a squad of talented players good enough to win the CL through youth and astute buys then all the more glorious for an old fashion fan like me.

    • Put it down to my senility and poor eyesight - I saw 'Rep...' and as it was the only Rep there - hit it (must have been at the 4 reply limit). I'll put on sack cloth and ashes until Christmas in penance.

      As a fan though, don't you also want to see teams like RM or Barca at the Lane? What other chance is there of that apart from joining the big boys club?

      What the hell though - have faith - we can do both....CL next season and a miraculous performance in Basle..Basel..Baal.... to get us through to the next leg in the Europa.

      Glyphi, Holtby and Demsey are all going to shine in Bale and Lemmon's absence.