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  • Jlock Jlock Apr 6, 2013 09:37 Flag

    europas ruined our season

    Isn't it all a trade off though throughout the season? Don't you adjust what you what based on what is attainable?
    While we we a mid table team, winning a domestic cup would have been superb. But as soon as we started to regularly hit the European spots (which isn't that long ago) - and brought teams like the Milans to the Lane - isn't that reward in itself? It doesn't preclude going after a domestic cup, but surely the goal is now higher?
    And whether we like it or not, the players all now cost a fortune to buy and in wages, so the domestic cups simply don't 'earn' enough (£100K for the League Cup and £2M for the FA Cup - and that is winning them) - to win the Europa is probably closer to £10M (given the match and round bonuses).
    But for me, it is and isn't about the money. I want a team that plays well and with flair - and I want to see us 'prove' how good we are by playing the best teams. I'm not that impressed by winning the LC having beaten Barnsley, Coventry...on the way. I want to see us beat RM - and the only chance of that is getting into the competition where those teams play - and that is by invite only - you have to get 4th and above. And by virtue or earning that 'invite' you get more money that hopefully enables you to return next year with better players. All money based, I know.

    So, yep, I want the glory of lifting a trophy - but I want the FA over the League Cup and the Europa over the FA and the CL over the Europa. And there's the dichotomy as do I want Europa at the expense of the invite to the CL? Aaaaarrrrrrrrgh. I want both! I want us to be hosting the top clubs next season in the CL. I'd like the glory of lifting the Europa. What is more beneficial to the club? I would guess the CL.

    Confused? I am....