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  • Layla Layla Apr 5, 2013 14:11 Flag

    europas ruined our season

    your missing the point. more CL games is good, more europa games is bad unless u win it or at worst get to the final. your point about more games even in the CL is bizarre. its in the CL! big difference. also a CL qualifer is more games, yes your right. but its to get in to the CL which is well worth. i think john & nbr seem to think my point is more games is always bad. no, my point is more games in the europa is a hinderance in the league. to me, its a hinderance thats not worth it unless u get to the final. i too love silverware. but i dont feel this squad is good enough to maintain top 4 & get to the europa final. so u need to make a decision of which u are going for. i believe AVB has buried his hand in the sand like a lot of our fans,& arrogantly & naively thought this team could do both. but by burying our head in the sand we have spread ourselves too thinly & will now fail at both. id personally have gone for 1 & strongly commited to it. id rather have achieved 1 at the expensive of failing miserably at the other. but seems to me avb & others would rather get quite close but ultimately falling short at both, just to seem positive & say we did our best at both. keep burying your head in the sand u guys, & we will continue to fall short.

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    • Why is the Europa bad? We spent umpteen years outside of Europe, and now in the past 6 or seven seasons we've become tooo big for a 'lesser' European tournament?
      OK, I agree it's not the CL - but it's still Europe. Some fans (me included) like seeing us play against the other European clubs. To me, there are 5 events to play for each year - each with its own 'grade' - in my order of importance:
      Winning the EPL
      Gaining CL
      Gaining Europe
      Staying in the EPL

      The cups are odd, as they are not more important to me than being relegated or gaining CL. But I'd rather have a cup and gain Europe than gain it via the EPL. The Europa to me is above the domestic cups.

      That's me though. If you'd rather play a lesser team in the Europa at this stage - then who do you not pick - as surely, given that injuries are accidents and not foreseeable, any player you do pick and who gets injured could jeopardise the other competition. What if Ade had been injured last night or Vertigo or Dembele or...any one of the players may be influential in the run in.

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      • bale & lennon should be only out for 2weeks! great news. so I think that means they will miss the everton, basel & city games.
        gallas is out for a few weeks too but to be honest I don't see why he even plays anymore.
        would have preferred caulker last night.
        lets just hope we aren't out the Europa & pushed down the league by the time they are all back.