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  • Layla Layla Apr 7, 2013 16:04 Flag

    europas ruined our season

    another great post juan! agreed we with all u have said too.
    people aren't looking at the bigger picture. its all very well saying we gave are all to win the Europa & get top 4. but when that means u fail at both it has a huge impact on our hopes of keeping our top players like bale & also of attracting top players.
    looks like 5th is best we can hope now & why would bale want to stay at a team who have only been in the CL once.

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    • You are poisonously negative SB! where would OUR (clearly not your) beloved club be if everyone adopted your approach?

      So, we throw all our eggs into one basket, the EPL basket! forget the domestic cups and put out a tottenham 11 in the Ropey League, throw everything at the EPL, where we are attempting to compete with clubs with vastly bigger budgets and more resource. Your approach would see us unlikely to win anything ever again, at least it would suit you and your doom at every corner outlook! Have you ever thought about writing a column for the Daily Mail, their readershit would enjoy your end is nigh approach to the world.

      How about you make at least one positive comment in every post, and if you cant recognise them, you aren't a fan, your a novice critic- BORE OFF!


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      • my point is neither carrol or livermore have given us any reason to expect them to do a real good job if needed. based on previous performances u would expect them to do an ok job but nothing more. id disagree with u on your definition of a supporter. i think it is someone who wants whats best for the club especially in the long term. if a player isnt good enough & hasnt potential to be good enough for us, then i want to get rid of him for the good of the club. whereas people like u & joe will carry on supporting them & saying keep them for no valid reason just because u think this will help. 1-this is bad for the club to keep players like 2-i know fans like u & joe have huge egos, but im sorry to tell u, u showing them support & faith wont make a difference. 3-the players dont read our posts so me typing come on hudd wont have any impact. 4-u get nowhere by being unrealistic. this team is clearly not good enough to win the europa & get top 4. so by saying it is & pretending we are is going to mean we fail at both. as a consequence we could end up losing the likes of bale & not attracting top players. but i guess thats worth it so u could say u were extra positive & u were a great supporter because u backed our boys to be able to win europa & get top 4. to me, fans like u & joe are cheerleaders. u cheer a lot & think u have an influence when u dont. u arent willing to do whats right for the club if it doesnt involve u cheering & waving your pom poms about & being positive.

      • "You are poisonously negative SB! where would OUR (clearly not your) beloved club be if everyone adopted your approach? "

        That's a bit rich coming from you Joe.

        To jog your memory, you did support the over-the-top doom-mongering on the Arsenal board not so long ago despite the fact that we're competing against teams with 'vastly bigger budgets and more resource' and have managed to finish the season in top 4 position yearly.

        I'm surprised that you are now using limited resources as an excuse for failure whereas you were quick to deride the likes of Fabongrass who used the same argument to defend Wenger's achievement. Shouldn't you have used the same argument on the Arsenal board against the doom mongers, Joe?

      • "where would OUR (clearly not your) beloved club be if everyone adopted your approach? "

        achieved top 4. kept out best players & attracted more top players. build from there.

        but no your right, lets go for everything and fail at everything just so we can say we are POSITIVE.

        I find it as boring people like u saying we will win basically nearly every game! boring.

        I think u will find the prediction league shows im the most realistic of the 3 of us.

    • come off it nbr. livemore & carrol had a hand in the winner against the hammers?
      they didn't do anything special. & if u actually be honest u will know that the goal was a great bale run & then superb shot. 99.9% of that goal was bale.
      but pretend to yourself Livermore & carroll did something really good & had a big hand in the winner.
      what ever u want to delude yourself that they are both top players.
      neither are ready or good enough to be in our best 11. squad players at best.
      next u will say call up obika & kane & they will bang them in for us!

      oh & john, their is no positive to the bale injury. your point about it given other players the chance to step up is a positive to those players & not us.
      unless u are seriously suggest they are going to do a better job than bale.
      your almost as bad as nbr.

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      • Yes, I call an assist and the preceding pass having 'a hand in' the goal. No delusion, I think they were involved in the build up seeing as they were, y'know, involved in the build up play - that's why it's a team game. I didn't say they should be in our starting 11, I said they surprised us when they came on as most fans didn't think they were particularly strong choices, and they did well. Why on earth does that bother you so much? Surely we need to have faith in our fringe players now more than ever.

        I think the difference between you and some people on here who you have regular opinion clashes with is I'd call you a Spurs follower whereas them/us supporters. I know some followers who love the club but if they don't think a player's up to it they'll slate him throughout the match, whereas a supporter will get a bit frustrated sometimes but cheer them on regardless, The main difference is that a follower gets to feel right every time there's a mistake, and a supporter gets to actually enjoy the football and the club.