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  • Joe Joe Apr 7, 2013 20:55 Flag

    europas ruined our season

    What?- I suspect you are another multi ID troll, which means your comments and views are almost entirely irrellevant, yet I find it in my huge Yiddish heart to indulge you, well someone has too. Arsenal have vastly more wealth than our beloved Spurs, Wenger or someone at your board has decided you will not compete financially, rather than cannot, should Arsenal fans expect more than they are currently getting? yes IMO, but thats for another day. Whilst you continue to invest so little in your team, you will continue to struggle to compete for the title or the CL, sadly there is a direct correllation!

    But you do raise a good point, Wenger has put virtually all his eggs into the CL top 4 basket, where has it got you? regular qualification for a competition you cannot win, a huge bank balance and your best players leaving year on year, well done! It highlights that regular top 4 football doesn't necessarily mean you keep your best players.

    We do not have the finances to compete on either front and to win either would take numerous players to play extraordinarily well and for us to remain almost entirely injury free, which whilst is incredibly unlikely. But as supporters (a much better description NBR) we cannot initiate any change, no matter how much should have, could have, I would have, the likes of SB spew in her usual world ending, club liquidating style.

    So where would we be if we adopted SB's eggs all in one basket approach? The club decides to prioritise one competition, we have a tough CL and are out at the group stages, in the mean time we have dropped too far down the EPL to compete for top 4! then what? putting all your eggs in one basket is rarely seen as a good thing, so why would you advocate it SB, where has it got ther goons?

    You claim to want the best for the future of the club, yet you put retaining one individual as the very top priority. Bale is 1 player, currently he is an exceptionally good player (once you were claiming he should be sold) but he is one man and it is entirely likely he will leave us one day, what then? Bale got a chance because BAE had a prolonged injury, he came in at LB and flourished, so why is it so implauible for another player to step up!

    Really SB, NBR and I are the egotistical ones, when you believe your approach would have the following results:

    'achieved top 4. kept out best players & attracted more top players. build from there.'

    Wow! why havent you gone into football management or politics, if everything you suggest is so accurate so consistantly, you could make a real difference. What were your commenst re Defoe a few weks back? something along ther he'll definitely get 20+ goals! are you still so sure?!

    How does my positive approach towards the way I support my club prove I have a huge ego? surely your approach of always appearing to know best demonstrates a much more egocentric approach than NBR's and mine? Do you ever wonder why you seem to be someone who regularly clashes with other contributors? no? so its always everyone else all the time! The predicition league is a bit of fun SB, nothing more, please don't go thinking its a reflection on our footbaling knowledge or interlect in general.

    An interesting set of subjects,



    • CL football for players is different than for the clubs. To me, although the club may pay bonuses to the players, the benefit of CL is more of a financial thing to a club. For a player it is more prestige (and the money of the bigger club). Much the same as I judge the quality of the competitions, the players appear to #$%$ the qualities of the clubs in the CL. That is why, people like Modric wanted a show case like us, where he could 'raise his profile' - and maybe get CL. Once the profile is raised, we're then not in the 'elite' CL teams. You see this all the time. Players leaving existing CL clubs and moving to other 'more prestigious' clubs.
      So even if we got CL, players will leave us should the elite CL clubs come calling - all depending on how the player 'perceives' those clubs.

      I say it's more prestige for the player - and then quote money as a factor as well. What I meant there is that typically the salaries at the top CL clubs are higher (as they have the CL money to fund it) anyway. But once a player has established himself as CL quality, then the money appears to be less of a draw (except in the case of where exceptionally high salaries are paid) compared to the 'perceived' prestige.

      That's what made me smile with the Modric situation (and chat here). I don't think his leaving was anything to do with not getting CL. By then he was already perceived as a CL player by a few CL clubs, and we were no longer big enough for him. Ditto the Woolwich players (even though they get consistent CL football - hopefully not this year) and even Utd. Much as the top clubs in the EPL are a draw for players, the top clubs in the CL are a draw for the elite players.

      So even though I don't see the CL as a panacea that will keep players like Bale happy for ever, I still want CL, simply because it means we compete against the best in Europe. And you don't become the best in Europe, without competing in Europe. It also gives the club more money to replace the players we lose!

      Totally agree with the Bale analogy with regard to the perception of a player changing as well. Without an opportunity, how can a player 'shine'? Bale got a lucky break. This small window is now someone else's chance to show what they can do. Maybe somebody will step up, maybe they won't. Maybe they will in future. It's all circumstance. Modric looked poor when he first arrived. Bale looked good, then got a Jonah tag, and is now a hero. Some players never 'shine' but become a mainstay anyway.