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  • Alan H Alan H Apr 8, 2013 13:09 Flag

    europas ruined our season

    Magpies 2 Benfica nowt---season banker.
    H---Cisse 2. Attendance 52,000---weather, cold breeze but pitch perfect.

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    • i never said im right. im saying what i thinks right. & im telling u why. u think going for all the cups & top 4 is right. im telling u why i thinks it not. im probably wrong as usual. but im just telling u what i think. as for defoe, i still 100% think he would get 20 goals a season if he stayed fit. since xmas he has been carrying injuries even when he has managed to play. which is part of the reason he keeps picking up little injuries. same goes for lennon. he has been playing whilst carrying injuries so also keeps picking up injuries. both are being rushed back too soon. but with whats at stake, pretty much every team rushes important players back too soon. as for bale, i said sell him as he was going to be just used at LB. if u remember,i said he should be put as LW before he was. so personally id have kept bale & played him at LW. but as he was only being used at LB, i said we might as well sell him. people around me know i said that all along. its similar to dos santos. i said sell him. but personally id have kept him. but as harry didnt rate him, i said sell him because he would never get a fair run in the team.but who cares,we are all just guessing. some u get right & some wrong. i also said why are we buying walker. he didnt even look that good at sheff utd. but i was proved wrong. oh & i didnt see the point in getting friedel. wrong again! much better keeper than i realised.

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      • I still don't follow why you're so adamant in your thoughts about Daffy - he's never scored 20 EPL goals (has he?) and at 30 years old, that can't always be down to injury or the manager not liking him. He MAY do it next season, but his track record is against him.

        As for the Bale bit. You seem to know 'arry's mind. In one case you say that 'arry would never have given Two Saints a run in the team and that you advocated selling Bale because he was being used at LB (as if 'arry was only ever going to use him there), but then acknowledge it was 'arry who moved Bale to LM. So surely 'arry showed the opposite - ie he did change his mind and give players a chance? He gave Bale a run in the team, so why not Two Saints? Surely the difference was in that when Two Saints was given a chance, he didn't take it. It was simple with 'arry. Play well, and you stood a chance of being picked next game.

        I think quite a few people here were advocating using Bale as LM - but that was only because we didn't have a LM at that point - he was about the only left footed player we had!

        Europa/CL - I don't think it's a case of right and wrong. Just preference. It seems that AVB placed great store in the Europa - and given that he got us so far, I would have agreed (do agree) that it made sense to push on and try and win it (what's two or three more games?). I WAS surprised though that he started the competition with 'strongish' teams though. I still don't think you can use hindsight on the injury front - as Bale/Lemmon or any other player could equally have been injuerd playing in the FA Cup and potentially damaged the EPL season earlier. It's just plain bad luck.

        If however, as you seem to imply, that AVB and the medical team are using players back before they are fully fit and ready to play, then that is simple bad management. But I'm not sure that AVB would willingly jeopardise a player like that. I think when they say that Daffy is carrying blah or Lemmon has blah - they have still been passed fit by the med team (and the player is willing/wants to play). That happens at all teams across the board.

      • i also said townsend should go on loan. wrong again. been superb for qpr. just at a time we lack pace & width! we could really use him now. i also didnt rate dembele that much. wrong again. he is a much better player than i thought. very good signing. the odd 1 i get right. i really liked vertoghen before we got him. still think barca should have signed him. good technically & on the ball. can play at LB too. scores a few. but glad we got him. was a fan of sandro from day 1. he my fave player with vertoghen 2nd. anyway, il still think u will ignore all the times iv said im wrong so u can carry on your SB think she knows best all the time. whatever floats your boat! also u assume my eggs in 1 basket is a long term thing. i never said that. i just feel this season we can cope with the demands of 1. u 2 maybe will be right,we may get 4th & win the europa. id be ecstatic with either top 4 or the europa. if u read my earlier posts u will see im a big fan of silverware. i remember winning the league cup more than 4th. i also think football is in a bad way, now that its better to get top 4 than an actual cup. it just shows its all about £££. me personally would rather win a cup than get 4th. but i know top 4 is better for our club. so my head knows top 4 is better, but my heart prefers silverware. anyway, hope u & nbr are right & we get top 4 & win the europa. but personally i reckon 5th & we get knocked out the europa on thurs. but im usually wrong.

    • And Basle 1 Spurs 1, to go with Magpies 2 Benfica nowt.