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  • Layla Layla Apr 8, 2013 15:26 Flag

    europas ruined our season

    i also said townsend should go on loan. wrong again. been superb for qpr. just at a time we lack pace & width! we could really use him now. i also didnt rate dembele that much. wrong again. he is a much better player than i thought. very good signing. the odd 1 i get right. i really liked vertoghen before we got him. still think barca should have signed him. good technically & on the ball. can play at LB too. scores a few. but glad we got him. was a fan of sandro from day 1. he my fave player with vertoghen 2nd. anyway, il still think u will ignore all the times iv said im wrong so u can carry on your SB think she knows best all the time. whatever floats your boat! also u assume my eggs in 1 basket is a long term thing. i never said that. i just feel this season we can cope with the demands of 1. u 2 maybe will be right,we may get 4th & win the europa. id be ecstatic with either top 4 or the europa. if u read my earlier posts u will see im a big fan of silverware. i remember winning the league cup more than 4th. i also think football is in a bad way, now that its better to get top 4 than an actual cup. it just shows its all about £££. me personally would rather win a cup than get 4th. but i know top 4 is better for our club. so my head knows top 4 is better, but my heart prefers silverware. anyway, hope u & nbr are right & we get top 4 & win the europa. but personally i reckon 5th & we get knocked out the europa on thurs. but im usually wrong.