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  • Jlock Jlock Apr 8, 2013 17:04 Flag

    europas ruined our season

    I still don't follow why you're so adamant in your thoughts about Daffy - he's never scored 20 EPL goals (has he?) and at 30 years old, that can't always be down to injury or the manager not liking him. He MAY do it next season, but his track record is against him.

    As for the Bale bit. You seem to know 'arry's mind. In one case you say that 'arry would never have given Two Saints a run in the team and that you advocated selling Bale because he was being used at LB (as if 'arry was only ever going to use him there), but then acknowledge it was 'arry who moved Bale to LM. So surely 'arry showed the opposite - ie he did change his mind and give players a chance? He gave Bale a run in the team, so why not Two Saints? Surely the difference was in that when Two Saints was given a chance, he didn't take it. It was simple with 'arry. Play well, and you stood a chance of being picked next game.

    I think quite a few people here were advocating using Bale as LM - but that was only because we didn't have a LM at that point - he was about the only left footed player we had!

    Europa/CL - I don't think it's a case of right and wrong. Just preference. It seems that AVB placed great store in the Europa - and given that he got us so far, I would have agreed (do agree) that it made sense to push on and try and win it (what's two or three more games?). I WAS surprised though that he started the competition with 'strongish' teams though. I still don't think you can use hindsight on the injury front - as Bale/Lemmon or any other player could equally have been injuerd playing in the FA Cup and potentially damaged the EPL season earlier. It's just plain bad luck.

    If however, as you seem to imply, that AVB and the medical team are using players back before they are fully fit and ready to play, then that is simple bad management. But I'm not sure that AVB would willingly jeopardise a player like that. I think when they say that Daffy is carrying blah or Lemmon has blah - they have still been passed fit by the med team (and the player is willing/wants to play). That happens at all teams across the board.