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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Apr 8, 2013 21:48 Flag

    Favour from an old boss...

    We were due to be playing Chelsea on Sunday but it's been postponed due to their FA Cup semi, which means by our next PL match both them and Arsenal will have played their games in hand (for now at least). Not only that, but said games in hand are against none other than Fulham and Norwich... I'm not sure I can remember us relying on the old guard this much since they were among us!

    For poetry's sake it'd be nice if they took a few points off them, I reckon Arsenal-Norwich might throw up a few surprises, and should be a good match either way.

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    • When I first read that the Chelsea game had been postponed, I thought it was a benefit as it gave us more time to recover from the Basil/Basle/Basel/Baal trip.
      Now I'm not so sure. I don't like the thought that we end up playing catch up rather than the other way round - as irrespective of whether there are games in hand or not, there appears to me to be an advantage in having the extra points in the bag. Obviously though, if that Woolwich bunch fail to capitalise on the intervening games, then the pressure falls back on them and the gap would then have a benefit.

      Irrespective of the benefit of the Europa itself, I think the Basle game takes on a massive importance for us. A decisive win would give that boost in confidence again, but if we play poorly and/or get stuffed then AVB will have a task on his hands lifting the team for the Chelsea game.

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      • Dammit, I've just been reminded that Chelsea are off to Russia for tomorrow night, so will probably be knackered on Sunday, so it probably would be a good time to face them. However, they've still got a lot of games to go so fatigue might just carry through to when we play the rearranged fixture...

      • Argh, wrote a reply then accidentally closed the page!

        I see what you're saying, but those games in hand make me really uneasy, I'd rather we were in a legit position to fight from. If we move into 5th a result you'd hope it would be the impetus to step it up a gear for the last few games

        It's funny, for months now I've had a gut feeling (completely irrational so utterly pointless to mention) we'd finish either 3rd or 5th, 4th just hasn't entered my mind, now we're nearing the point we'll find out I just don't want to know!