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  • john john Apr 11, 2013 18:49 Flag

    basle predictions.

    I think if we really want to get through, then why not? If Parker is told to sit, and let Dembele be the one to get forward then it may well work. Based on how he played against Everton when he came on, I think I would start with Hudds, ( never thought I would be saying that ), but he sprayed the ball about nicely and showed that he has that ability, even though he's not very mobile, and would sacrifice either Siggy or Holtby and have Ade as the striker.

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    • Hmmm...I'd not thought of Hudd, he's good idea for that formation but I'd be inclined to have him in Parker's place or possibly even Dembele's - I reckon he'd need a central position to anchor himself in. Unless Dembele's in almost a no 10 position? So you've got Parker, Hudd, Dembele, Ade and Sig to be a runner... But even that would probably be too congested in the middle. Dembele could probably use a break, if Hudd replaced him we could have the young legs of Sig & Holtby (Carroll would sub in nicely later in the game too) to get on the end of his passes...