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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Apr 11, 2013 19:22 Flag

    basle predictions.

    Hmmm...I'd not thought of Hudd, he's good idea for that formation but I'd be inclined to have him in Parker's place or possibly even Dembele's - I reckon he'd need a central position to anchor himself in. Unless Dembele's in almost a no 10 position? So you've got Parker, Hudd, Dembele, Ade and Sig to be a runner... But even that would probably be too congested in the middle. Dembele could probably use a break, if Hudd replaced him we could have the young legs of Sig & Holtby (Carroll would sub in nicely later in the game too) to get on the end of his passes...

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    • like i said,a waste of time unless u at least make the final. well it was worth not getting top 4 for so we can be seen to be positive. on a brighter note, at least we are spared chelsea humiliating us!

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      • I just accidentally 'thumbs up-ped' this, just making it clear as I wholeheartedly disagree and am saying no more now because I'll give an anger-driven response. But I will remind you of my suggestion that football supporters get joy from the team and followers get joy from being right, congratulations.

        The team worked hard tonight, I'm gutted but at least we're going out with heads held high.

      • You could say that for all cups though couldn't you including the CL? Are you judging the competition on monetary value or prestige?
        And why shouldn't we get top 4 still?

        OK, the season end is looking tough, but as has been pointed out - most here would have taken a mediocre (and the good thing is now that mediocre has become over the past few seasons something more than just mid-table) season anyway given the changes in the summer.

        Is the comment about Chelsea down to the postponed game or to the fact that we can't now face them in the Europa? Either way, why should Chelsea humiliate us?

        We got to the quarter finals. A fair'ish achievement. We still can get 4th - maybe we will, maybe we won't - but for me it's been a better season in regards to where we are than what I'd hoped for. It's just slightly worse than I'd hoped for in way of performance 'style'. But we've got 6 games left to show what we can do.

      • john,i just think its highly unlikely we will get 4th. we arent in good form. chelsea are a lot better but hugely under performed again. arsenal are a bit better but even when they play bad, they usually get help from the officials to bail them out. just like today. we are basically 2pts behind arsenal with a much harder run in. they are in much better form & have the mental edge over us as always. anyway, all u positive people would have settled for 7th so u will all be over the moon when we edge out everton for 5th. liverpool had to win today but drew. so lowest we can finish is 6th. anyway il leave u to say reach for the stars & then the next min say happy with 7th.

      • maybe your true feelings came out in the thumbs up! a post by a stranger on an internet board isnt worth getting angry over. there are far more important things in life nbr. & your followers get joy from being right does not apply to me. i get no joy from being right. u made up that part yourself! lets take a look at what i was right about. i was right we wouldnt the europa. hardly the prediction of the year. it was unlikely we would win it. i dont think i would have got good odds on us not winning the europa. i was basically stating the obvious. agreed about the team working hard part. all u can ask is they give it their all. in the end we missed the likes of defoe, bale & lennon too much. lets hope they are back for the city game. but i still think we would have been better off going out much earlier. getting to the QF of the europa isnt worth much. big decision for levy coming up. no trophy & odds are we are going to finish outside top 4. arry was sacked for less!