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  • Jlock Jlock Apr 14, 2013 11:52 Flag

    basle predictions.

    You said '....john,i just think its highly unlikely we will get 4th. we arent in good form. chelsea are a lot better but hugely under performed again. arsenal are a bit better but even when they play bad, they usually get help from the officials to bail them out. just like today. we are basically 2pts behind arsenal with a much harder run in. they are in much better form & have the mental edge over us as always. anyway, all u positive people would have settled for 7th so u will all be over the moon when we edge out everton for 5th. liverpool had to win today but drew. so lowest we can finish is 6th. anyway il leave u to say reach for the stars & then the next min say happy with 7th....'

    That's not quite true is it? At the start of the season, I would have been happy with a lower finish - as a change of manager, coaching staff and squad is never easy. I don't think I said I wanted AVB and the team to TRY for any less though did I?
    NOW, I want whatever we can still achieve - so yes keep aiming high - it looks like second is all but impossible - but third isn't. So, IF I were AVB, that is what I'd be telling the team. The Woolwich bunch are only in the slot temporarily, because they have the 'belief' that they're destined for CL at least. That is the belief that we need to get into the squad. SOMEBODY will finish in the top 3, why not us? If we don't in the end, we don't. BUT we should be trying to.

    So that has, and is always my point of view SB. Same as at the beginning of the season, I may not have thought we'd necessarily get top 4 this season, but I'd still want AVB and the team to attempt to achieve the highest finish they can - and that is what they appear to have done ,and at this point, it is still 3rd.

    Football is strange end even though Woolwich may have had an easier run in, they could have dropped points. Two or three decisions went against Norwich yesterday that materially affected the game. OK, that's football - but it also shows that what appear to be easy games sometimes come down to a bit of luck. So why shouldn't we get a run and Woolwich dip? So while there is still a chance, we should always be aiming as high as possible IMHO.

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    • the gap between what u are happy with & what u should aim for is ridicolously huge. it sends out mixed messages & de-values your aim for the top motif. i think its also de-motivating. u start by saying lets go for the title, then 2nd, then 3rd & so on. it becomes a farce. same with the cups. lets win the league cup, then we get knocked out. dont worry lets win the fa cup. oh, nevermind. lets win the europa & so on. its like a parady john!

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      • OK - that;s your opinion SB.
        Vertigo seems to echo mine - as did AVB and 'arry. - IE while there is still a chance of getting as high as possible - that is what you aim for. I don't think that is uncommon in any sport. Obviously you do.

        I hope at this point that Mancini is still encouraging his team to win every game - as it is still not mathematically impossible for them to win the league. Unlikely, but not impossible.
        Any one of the teams down to 7th COULD get 3rd. Again, more unlikely the lower you go, but why give up until it is impossible? I'd hate to think that any Spurs manager/team gave up before it was impossible. I think in the past though, that that was part of our mentality. We gave up too soon - we let teams who had 'more belief' pass us. That still seemed to be true under 'arry. I hope AVB changes that. And you don't change it by saying '....oh well, it looks really hard to get 3rd, so we won't bother.....'.

        What I expect at the start of the season, mid way though and with 6 games left also changes - of course it does.

        Your cup bit - I think that is how most people think - today Vertigo basically said '...well, we're out of the cup - that let's us focus on the CL spot...' . What is so wrong with that? Surely as one 'target' is missed, any sportsman simply aims for the targets that are left?

        How is any of that de-motivating?