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  • Joe Joe Apr 16, 2013 20:50 Flag

    basle predictions.

    Its not JL,

    Any manager or player worth their salt wants to progress as far as possible in every competition they're in, they may feel winning the EPL is beyond them, but coming out with such a statement at the start of a season or campaign just wouldn't happen, because no professional would do such a thing and if they did, they would be rightly lambasted.

    But, you have contradicted SB, which means by default you are wrong, because she is always right about everything and even when you think she might not be, your wrong.

    I seem to remember most of us felt that top 4 would be a huge achievement and that the battle for 5-7 would be closely fought, most of us even got the teams involved spot on.

    When everything is taken into account, I think we are over achieving.


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    • joe,if your going to join in then at least say something relevant! who said the manager should come out & say we cant win such an such a cup? i didnt. also its the same when arry was in charge & said we can win the title. cringing. then avb says arsenal are on a negative downward spiral after we beat them. i bet he regrets that now! why cant they keep their big gobs shut. oh & where did john contradict me? john, where did i say the manager should say to the players not to bother. your as bad as joe at making up stuff to suit your argument.