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  • Jlock Jlock Apr 14, 2013 08:40 Flag


    Bit of a #$%$ yesterday eh? I had hoped that QPR would get a result - and the first half seemed ok, but then they fell apart.
    Norwich seemed to be there - and then the corner. But that's football. A good decision, a bad decision.

    I know you can see it either way, but I would rather NOT be playing catch up. I just think at this point in the season, where you have fewer games to rectify any shortfall, it puts more pressure on the team, especially if the next result doesn't go the right way.

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    • Am I so biased ? The past 2 to 3 seasons Spurs have suffered just about the least luck of all in so far as poor decisions, injuries and ill-fated transfer deals. The Water-Pistols by contrast HAVE to be the luckiest of all. Dodgy penalties in the dying minutes and all round good fortune
      when they least deserve it. They've just about managed to squeak in to so many positive results it makes me quite ill.