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  • JEFFALL JEFFALL Apr 13, 2013 20:56 Flag


    Seems like the popguns got a wee bit lucky today,with the help from the officials.
    Don't get get me wrong,the popguns were always going to be in it untill the final whistle,but with only 5 minutes to go and a wrong call from the ref,thus leading to a corner,which eventually leads to a penalty,all of which should of been a goal kick to start with,then it doesn't come much luckier than that.
    Must have knocked the stuffing out of Norwich and especially Chris Hughton, who is still a Spurs man through and through.
    The only prem game to alter in the last 10 mins and it had to be that one.
    So the fake north londoners are in front of us for the first time this season(i'm sure a little goon will put me right if i'm wrong)and so THE FIGHT IS ON.
    At least the Europa is out of the way and the only thing we need to concentrate on is the PL which the popguns have had more time to catch up on.
    Hopefully with players returning from injury will increase our task of taking maximum points from all remainig games and the popguns end up where they've been all season,in our DUST.
    Get ready for the one man team comments about the man they would love to have at the emirates.

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