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  • i think bae is ok but not reliable enough. he is very flaky especially away from home. i also dont like his attitude. baines & moyes next season would be great. shaw looks like a good prospect as does davies of swansea. i think shaw will be better going foward & davies better at defending. i also dont like naughton at LB as its too restricting

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    • He IS a talent, though a little strange at times....as if he's had a toke or something and all around him is copacetic. I like him a lot and agree with Joe.....where do we go for a better a
      LB without spending a fortune. And to state the obvious, spend that money on a proven
      striker, just about the entire footballing world know we're paying the price for not having done so in January.

    • My point is - I want a Left Back (and all and any player that plays for Spurs) to WANT to be there and to try his hardest to help Spurs win. BAE is not that in the slightest. Yes, I agree, when (and it is not that often) he decides he wants to play (and usually that is when the opposition don't have a right winger playing) he is pretty good, especially going forward - BUT - it is not often enough for me. And anyway, for the odd match when he has no one to mark and he goes forward there are 2 or 3 other games where he is not that good. I have lost count of the times I have seen him half raise a lazy leg to block a shot or be 2 yards behind an attacker in the box when a cross comes in and we let a goal in.

      No, players like Dawson might not be as good going forward or as skilful, but give me players like him over players like BAE every time.

      Not sure who we should get in his place but there are plenty of players out there willing to give a lot more to our team than BAE.

    • SB,

      I agree regarding Davies and Shaw, IMO Shaw would suit our style better. So you'd like to see Baines and Moyes come in? Do you think we could get Baines? I have always liked Moyes and admire what he has done at Everton, however I know many Everton fans who feel he is overly negative, Everton were not nice to watch v woolich and I think we might find his approach undesirable. Would you settle for boring, unattractive football if we consistently got top 4?

      I hope you enjoed the game today, one hell of a game!