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  • I read today that AVB is looking to off load BAE in the summer. If that is true I won't be crying about it. Did AVB see something in him which made him leave him out of the side against Basle? I really do not agree with playing a right footed player at Left Back (Naughton) and therefore, even though I don't rate him I would have played BAE but AVB chose not to. Why? Is it because he is a mercenary little bu66er who will play for anybody as long as they give him loads of money or because he is a lazy s0d or because he just doesn't give a flying t0ss who wins? Anyway, I just hope the report was right and we get a left back that wants to play for Spurs.

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    • AVB didn't play him because their winger was ripping him apart, I think he's lost a yard since his injury. He's still our best LB, when him and Aaron play (Vertogen in the middle) we have a top defense. We need Sandro to put in those tackles and stop the counter attack!

    • Sfer,

      Your feelings about BAE are well documented and I partially agree with some of your views, actually I think he's a decent LB and I'm not sure we could do a lot better. However if he leaves, who would you like to see us sign? I'd like us to firstly give Naughton or Rose a go, or sell them or look at Luke Shaw of Southampton, I'd like to suggest Baines, but IMO we couldn't get him.