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  • Jlock Jlock Apr 17, 2013 07:37 Flag

    Where does the Woolwich draw leave us.....

    A couple of scary moments - but Woolwich dropped 2 pts - only of any benefit though if we gain 3. If that isn't motivation enough to beat Citeh, I don't know what is. And by Sunday, Woolwich just may have lost to Fulham (No? Oh well, nice thought anyway....) - giving us a chance to go above them with a game in hand. But anyone can play 'what if'... a case of wait and see.
    Citeh have been hit and miss this season - to me, apart from Utd walking away with it when not playing that well, the top 7 - have been mediocre in general - including us.
    Can AVB get us just to raise our game a notch?
    6 points would be good from the next two games - a win away at Wigan isn't impossible or even unreasonable - just to give us a buffer before we get those 3 games in a week'ish.

    Every game at this point of the season seems important - and the Pool-Chelsea game is obviously also going to affect our finish. They have a history of narky matches, so I hope it goes that way with half the Chavs team being sent off, and them losing as the icing.

    For one of us it's going to be a case of 'I don't like Mondays'....