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  • john john Apr 18, 2013 19:39 Flag

    Is Ade the man for next year?

    Like you, I have never been a fan of his, and was even against signing him on loan last season. You could say " he scored seventeen goals and had quite a few assists " but if you look at the number of simple chance's he missed, then overall it was a poor total for a striker who at one point was rated a £25m player. We have all seen throughout his career that he doesnt put in a consistant effort over the course of a season, and if anything he's getting worse IMO. I think we need a complete overall of strikers, and that includes Daffy, as much as he's a natural goal scorer, I think if your aiming for the topend of the league, then you need all to be team player's, and that is one thing Daffy's not, apart from rare accasions when he'll actually pass the ball. Your first paragragh sums up exactly what I think of Ade as a player, ( and to think he's probably our highest paid ).