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  • Sfer Sfer Apr 17, 2013 09:48 Flag

    Is Ade the man for next year?

    So, have all the predictions come true?
    Has Ade turned into the lazy waster that a lot of people said he was?
    Now that he has pocketed his signing on fee, is he ready for another one?

    Personally I was not a fan before he signed for us and although when he first arrived on loan I thought "aye up, he is really trying here!" it was not long before the old Ade turned up. His hold up play is not as good as it should be and when you are playing with one striker that has to be good. He is not fast enough to get in behind the defence. He is not a great shooter from outside the box. And, despite his height, he is not that good in the air. When Ade plays he is keeping Defoe out of the team (who is a much more natural goal scorer IMO). But most of all, his laziness has a demoralising effect on the supporters and must to do the same to his fellow players.

    What do you think the defenders of the teams we play think when they know Ade is playing? Are they worried? Or are they thinking "great, not much running about to do today"?

    IMO if we are to be a regular top 4 or 5 side and perform well in Europe, we need a better main striker than Ade. But would we be able to sell him? I am not sure there would be a queue of clubs wanting to take him on especially at the price we would need and with his wages.

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    • I have always thought F Torres would be a better signing, now that Chelsea is looking to off load him, and as for EA what a waste of money, if he was good enough why did Real Madrid let him go?

    • Like you, I have never been a fan of his, and was even against signing him on loan last season. You could say " he scored seventeen goals and had quite a few assists " but if you look at the number of simple chance's he missed, then overall it was a poor total for a striker who at one point was rated a £25m player. We have all seen throughout his career that he doesnt put in a consistant effort over the course of a season, and if anything he's getting worse IMO. I think we need a complete overall of strikers, and that includes Daffy, as much as he's a natural goal scorer, I think if your aiming for the topend of the league, then you need all to be team player's, and that is one thing Daffy's not, apart from rare accasions when he'll actually pass the ball. Your first paragragh sums up exactly what I think of Ade as a player, ( and to think he's probably our highest paid ).

    • He is a bit of an oddity. I thought he would do well when he started scoring for us last season - and thought he was a good buy at the price at the start of this season - given the season he'd just had. I originally thought his lack of form this season was down to all the fuss of his transfer, lack of pre-season and injury, but he just hasn't hit form at all. I'm not sure though what impact Bale's role has had on the front two in general though.

      The strikers in general pose a problem for next season I think, as they're both now getting on as well (Ade's 29 and Daffy's 30) and I can't see them fitting with a 'Levy' policy of youth (I think AVB also repeated the youth policy when he joined).

      I wouldn't be surprised to see another exodus in the summer, with both Daffy and Ade amongst them (Hudd, Parker and Gallas. Dempsey, possibly).