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    The Headline Man

    So while I'm pleased Bale's been recognised in the PFA shortlist, it's bringing all the "one man team" nonsense out of the woodwork again. I feel like we've actually done alright in games he's missed as long as Lennon's been playing, but couldn't be bothered to work out the stats. Luckily, the good people at TalkSport can:


    In short, this season until 5th April our win rate with Bale was 50%, and without was... 50%. We also scored less on average with him on the pitch, but conceded more. Obviously this is imperfect data as he's played more games than he's missed and it doesn't take into account the quality of the opposition & their form etc, but I think it does say perhaps the hype around him/slating of the rest of the team a bit... exaggerated?

    (I'm still of the opinion being without Lennon makes a bigger difference because of the impact on the team shape, but that's an unprovable statement. At least with info from a 5 second google)

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    • we are a good side without him. but a much better 1 with him! he is easily our best player. another goal & even an assist today. u could just easily find stats saying we havent won without him scoring for ages. i dont think u need to stats to prove we are a much better team with bale in it. this is a good thread to prove people look too much in to stats!

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      • Its a good point. Regardless of any stats, would you rather have Bale in the team or not? Of course you would so even if the stats said we were worse with him in the team you would ignore them.

        As for the jokes about Wales having 3 teams in the PL next year (Swansea, Cardiff and Bale), well they are just banter which should be taken for what they are and not worried about. I would rather worry about Bale being hoodwinked into going for the money/glory by some mega rich club if we don't make CL than anything else.