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  • Jlock Jlock Apr 22, 2013 09:19 Flag

    What about that ...Citeh win

    How on earth did we do that? For 3/4 of the game I thought we looked largely ineffectual and devoid of ideas and didn't look capable of getting the goal back.
    Then, three subs later, we bang in three goals in under 10 minutes - and it wasn't just the goals. Dembele, who had looked ineffectual to me, suddenly comes into his own. The whole dynamic changed.
    And when Daffy got the ball in the box, I was muttering '...I bet the greedy sod goes for goal..' (didn't Dempsey make a run to the penalty spot?)...when he belted the ball into the back of the net. Brilliantly taken goal. Did he touch the ball after that though?
    And when we got Bale out wide, he actually ends up providing AND scoring.

    I suppose you could say it is down to the tacky tickle mastery of AVB - but I think I'd rather have had the subs on then from the off and played better for the 3/4, rather than leaving it to the final 1/4.

    But again, he's done it and got a win from what seemed a certain loss - far better than the other way round.

    Shame the Chavs got a draw, but with any luck their whole team will now go down with rabies... how is Suarez allowed out alone? But I would guess that money will come before 'morals' and that Suarez will be kept on their books, simply because strikers/players like him aren't easy to find.

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    • MAGIC.
      Pretty much summed it all up there John.
      I was almost happy to take a draw in the second half,then all of sudden we're 3-1 up.
      As you say it looked like we were running out of ideas and in dempseys case out of steam.
      OK, so he scored a tap in, but equally missed a sitter with his head (unchallenged).As i've said before, i don,t think he's good enough for Spurs and would be happy enough to give him away, let alone sell him.
      Don't think anyone played particularly well and to give Bale MOM seemed a wee bit odd, as a lot of his touches seemed pretty poor to me, except his goal of course.
      Maybe i've come to expect too much from him?
      Definately missed Lennon on the wing and any wide play, and it seemed like when the changes came with the subs and Bale went wide, that we eventually looked like getting something out of the game and we did.
      Thought BAE played quite well and although he's not everyone's cup of tea i've always been a big fan of his.
      Also if you look at the last 3 or 4 games that we've started without him and played Naughton (whom i sure will come better with time) that we've had poor results.
      Quality strike from Daffy, which we all know he has in his locker and to be honest was a wee bit surprised to see him on the bench behind Dempsey.
      Anyway was pleased to see AVB's changes come to fruition (something Arry lacked) and get us the 3 points and lift all of SPIRITS for the run in.
      UPWARDS...UPWARDS...UPWARDS...is what we need.