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  • Layla Layla Apr 24, 2013 10:26 Flag

    Credit where its due

    agreed again sfer. i dont rate hudd but he played really well when he came on. id say defoe made as much of an impact too. his foward runs & movement creates space for others. look at how many breakaway goals involve defoe pulling a defender away. my issue with hudd is defensively he is a liabilty. & his mobility, pace & fitness is poor. just not good enough for a CL league CM. we are more likely to concede with him in our team. but i cant deny his passing is very impressive. i like both dembele & parker. but they dont really compliment each other. individually they are both good but as a pairing they have limitations. still good players to have. i prefer sandro to parker. & i still feel we need to replace modric with a moutinho or banega type player.

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    • I said on here several years ago that I did not rate Hudd and mostly I got criticised for it. I agree totally with your assessment of him. On Sunday it paid off but most of the time it doesn't. I just hope that this cameo performance persuades some other foolish club (Fulham are you listening?) to come in and buy him in the summer.

      Yes Defoe also made a big difference. Unlike Adebyor, he makes intelligent runs which players like Hudd can use. Adebyor, by contrast, sits in front of the defenders and wants balls to feet. The problem is he is not that good at controlling a ball PLUS we don't have the players (when Parker and Dembele are playing) who have the ability to pass it to his feet when he is being marked. Can you imagine in your wildest dreams Adebyor scoring a goal like Defoe's? I can't.

      I think they were hoping Holtby would fill the Modric hole and I am still hopeful that he will. he is taking some time to settle in but he works hard, has a great left foot and is always looking to attack so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

      What we do obviously need is another striker to replace Adebyor. Defoe, as good as he is, can't lead the line and Adebyor is not good enough and is too slow and lazy. And, as you point out, its a choice of Parker or Sandro with another central midfielder who can pick out those forward passes and that I am afraid to say, is not Dembele even though I like him.

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      • agreed. & hudd got a start yesterday & went back to his usual sloppy poor self! defensively was a liability which just leaves his passing as his only quality. sadly, that was poor & sloppy yesterday! he is just not cut out to be a top CM. jol likes him so fulham would be a good bet. pulis likes him & u can see why. imagine all his long balls foward. they were going to sign him until he failed a medical! shock horror! i do begrudge us fans paying a big chunk of his huge wages & he cant even be bothered to get in shape. we do miss a creative CM. parker,sandro & dembele are all worth having. but we still need a playmaker. yes we clearly need strikers too. i dont think defoe is as great as people think. obviously if we had a falcao then id barely mention defoe. but with what we have, defoe has to play as he is our most likely foward to score. we could get better than defoe. but we need 4 fowards so even if we had falcao, id still keep defoe as 1 of the other 3 fowards. he is a good foward & handy to have! ps. i know falcao isnt a realistic signing.

    • So, you give a guy a break and a bit of credit, he gets another chance and what does he do? You guessed it, reverts back to being a slow plodder who is not good enough for a side aiming for 4th. The Citeh game was a glimpse (mixed up with his faults as well) of what he can do when he is up for it but he reminds me of Charlie Adam. A good season with Blackpool, knocking the ball around at will, then a move to Liverpool and he is shown up for what he is...too slow and not up to top tier football.

      Obviously I would love us to be able to pick up enough points to go above Ar$e but my heart and guts tell me it isn't going to happen. Which is more likely....us losing points to Southampton or Ar$e losing points to QPR?

      Its been said before and rightly so but we are paying the price for not buying a striker when everybody knew we desperately needed one. We didn't buy a straight replacement for Modric, although I am hoping Holtby grows into that role, Ade is too lazy and doesn't care and we don't have enough players that are up for a fight.

      Its not looking good IMO.

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      • Strange - I didn't think he played that bad at all. The team in general seemed off - but we all see things differently don't we? He even seems to have got the top player rating here:

        Good job we're not all the same and see things the same way eh? Wouldn't it be boring?

      • charlie adam is a good comparision to hudd. both mid table players for sure. arsenal would have to play awful to not get top 4. they got a great run in. qpr who already down. wigan who would have just had a draining cup final against city & will probably be down. & newcastle who are playing awful & will probably have nothing to play for. only a very brave man would back us to get 4th. hopefully levy will get rid of avb & go for moyes as he sacked harry for finishing higher than we are going to finish under avb.