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  • Layla Layla Apr 28, 2013 11:08 Flag

    Credit where its due

    agreed. & hudd got a start yesterday & went back to his usual sloppy poor self! defensively was a liability which just leaves his passing as his only quality. sadly, that was poor & sloppy yesterday! he is just not cut out to be a top CM. jol likes him so fulham would be a good bet. pulis likes him & u can see why. imagine all his long balls foward. they were going to sign him until he failed a medical! shock horror! i do begrudge us fans paying a big chunk of his huge wages & he cant even be bothered to get in shape. we do miss a creative CM. parker,sandro & dembele are all worth having. but we still need a playmaker. yes we clearly need strikers too. i dont think defoe is as great as people think. obviously if we had a falcao then id barely mention defoe. but with what we have, defoe has to play as he is our most likely foward to score. we could get better than defoe. but we need 4 fowards so even if we had falcao, id still keep defoe as 1 of the other 3 fowards. he is a good foward & handy to have! ps. i know falcao isnt a realistic signing.