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  • Sfer Sfer Apr 29, 2013 13:32 Flag

    Credit where its due

    So, you give a guy a break and a bit of credit, he gets another chance and what does he do? You guessed it, reverts back to being a slow plodder who is not good enough for a side aiming for 4th. The Citeh game was a glimpse (mixed up with his faults as well) of what he can do when he is up for it but he reminds me of Charlie Adam. A good season with Blackpool, knocking the ball around at will, then a move to Liverpool and he is shown up for what he is...too slow and not up to top tier football.

    Obviously I would love us to be able to pick up enough points to go above Ar$e but my heart and guts tell me it isn't going to happen. Which is more likely....us losing points to Southampton or Ar$e losing points to QPR?

    Its been said before and rightly so but we are paying the price for not buying a striker when everybody knew we desperately needed one. We didn't buy a straight replacement for Modric, although I am hoping Holtby grows into that role, Ade is too lazy and doesn't care and we don't have enough players that are up for a fight.

    Its not looking good IMO.

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    • Strange - I didn't think he played that bad at all. The team in general seemed off - but we all see things differently don't we? He even seems to have got the top player rating here:

      Good job we're not all the same and see things the same way eh? Wouldn't it be boring?

    • charlie adam is a good comparision to hudd. both mid table players for sure. arsenal would have to play awful to not get top 4. they got a great run in. qpr who already down. wigan who would have just had a draining cup final against city & will probably be down. & newcastle who are playing awful & will probably have nothing to play for. only a very brave man would back us to get 4th. hopefully levy will get rid of avb & go for moyes as he sacked harry for finishing higher than we are going to finish under avb.