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  • Sfer Sfer Apr 30, 2013 16:23 Flag

    Credit where its due

    John, I presume you meant to reply to me rather than SB. I don't ever recall saying I hoped AVB would fail so that he would get sacked. In fact, I do know that I have said I hope he proves me wrong and takes us into the promised land. As for Moyes, again, I don't recall ever having much of an opinion on him. Tactics? I appreciate you cannot account for individual mistakes and errors of judgement on the field. My argument is with who he plays and where. For example, Ade on his own up front does not work for me especially when you have two wide players and no real playmaker. You can't "like" somebody that you don't rate as being good at his job. I don't like AVB and I cannot see what Freund brings to us either. Even if AVB wins the PL and CL I will still not like him. I will appreciate his skills and for taking my football club to trophies but I won't like him. I will just not dislike him quite so much!

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